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Myers Advisory Group (MAG) was formed in 2012 with a focus on business development and marketing.    In 2015, MAG expanded its suite of business services to include:  transportation & logistics, healthcare, consumer products, real estate, not-for-profits, construction services, etc.  


The MAG team is committed to understanding your business ecosystem and developing solutions that address your needs.  


MAG is lean and nimble.  We know what it takes to grow and scale a business.  We are your on-demand business consultants, but more importantly, we want to be your business partner. 




  1. Consulting & Process Improvement - design process flows and process mapping. 

  2. Business Development - assistance with customer pipeline development, proposal writing assistance, and market research. 

  3. Public Relations and Marketing - special event management, press releases, speeches, and branding assistance.

  4. Information Technology & Managed Services -  provided through the information technology division at  





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